Possibly you have read a number of reasons why Panama is the best option to live or start your business, mentioning its Canal, the Colon Free Zone, Air Hub, among others; but here you will find the 10 real REASONS of WHY Panama is your best decision:

# 1 Destination to live in Central America:

Múltiples revistas especializadas, empresas de análisis de riesgo y organismos internacionales, han coincidido en que Panamá, es uno de los mejores destinos para vivir, invertir y migrar.

Fully Dollarized Economy

Since 1904, the US dollar has circulated on par with the local currency. This, adding to the NO CONTROL OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE and to the NO existence of CENTRAL BANK, makes the country into one of the most stable financial centers on the planet.

Payment of Taxes only for Local Earnings

All foreign income received by a person in Panama (national or foreign), DOES NOT PAY INCOME TAX based on the Principle of Territoriality established in Article 694 of the Tax Code.

Growing Real Estate Market

With more than 400 real estate projects under construction. High capital gains. Accessible payments of 20% and 30%, plus a large number of banks with mortgage facilities, makes Panama the best alternative to place your money in real estate.

One of the best places to Retire

Residence for life, Panamanian identity card, special discounts, importation of cars and personal belongings without tariffs, as well as preference for banks, restaurants and professional services, make it the best place to retire in Latin America.

Easy Business Registration

Companies in Panama do NOT pay capital when they are created and they need few requirements for their formation with a maximum of 3 days of registration, besides they can carry out commercial operations, both locally and internationally.

No Property taxes

Depending on the sale price, Panama exempts the payment of property taxes for 15, 10 and 5 years when buying new properties.

No Taxes on win in Banking Accounts

Unlike countries in the region, interest or profits obtained, by nationals or foreigners, from bank accounts in Panama, are exempt from tax payments.

Accessible Migratory Programs

Immigration laws for citizens of more than 40 countries, with the right to Panamanian identification and a work permit for life, will allow you to migrate together with relatives, easily.

Shopping Center

Shopping Malls International marks. Accessible costs, and the ease of traveling as a tourist without visas, have made Panama a shopping center par excellence for Latin America.