Our attorneys are suitable proceduralists with masters in the procedural area and experience in criminal proceedings in the Judiciary Power, Public Ministry, and other State security institutions, all based on the judicial reality of national transition of the application of two criminal justice systems : Accusatory Criminal System and the emerging Inquisitorial Criminal System.


PGS Attorneys offers its team of lawyers for the preparation, analysis, monitoring and litigation in all stages of LABOR processes before the local judicial authorities.

Whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff, you will receive initial advice in our offices, in order to determine the judicial strategy and costs in your case. We can guide you in the correct drafting of employment contracts, internal work regulations, calculations of work benefits, collective bargaining, special terminations of employment, applications for dismissal for economic reasons, representation against claims before the Conciliation boards of the Ministry of Labor ; as well as before the Sectional Labor Courts in Panama.


The key to the success of filing civil or commercial lawsuits in Panama is: 1. The Documentary Preparation of evidences and proof (before acting), and 2. The procedural, jurisprudential and doctrinal analysis of your case, in order to have at hand all the correct legal tools during the litigation, constitutional appeals, evidence assurances, precautionary measures, incidents, claims in counterclaim, among others.

Being an individual, and a company, you may be subject to lawsuits or civil actions at any time, either for contractual matters and mere omissions tacit of your obligations. PGS has the right personnel to represent you in your cases and civil claims before the Judicial Branch of the Republic of Panama.


Moving to Panama is a matter of strategy. Your residence and that of your family as a private person depends on several factors, such as: Work or professional expectations, Family group that migrates, Real estate investment plans, Condition of their different nationalities, the fact of being retired or pensioned, ages of the applicants, or your idea to start a business.

Our firm has more than 10 years of experience in the relocation of migrants to Panama, and we can guide you accordingly.


We can assist you in the protection and registration of Intellectual Property, Copyright, Industrial Property, trademarks, patents or inventions, from the protection of a name, commercial words, a work of art or musical themes, that is, everything that individualizes a product, a service, an idea or your business. We can also assist you in the requests and follow-up of proceedings of Sanitary Registries of Medicines, Cosmetics and Food and Similar Products.


We can assist the businessman or entrepreneur in the registration of your company, in addition to obtaining all documents and permits necessary for your new venture, such as: Creation of the social pact, commercial operation notice, taxpayer registration, municipal registry, labor contracts, sanitary permits, trademarks, drafting commercial contracts, minutes of directors and shareholders, powers of attorney, among other corporate documents.

Our firm has more than 10 years of experience in business registration and corporate documentation in Panama.


You, as a private individual, have the right to protect all your assets earned throughout your life, or protect the assets of your business, both for your own well-being; as for the tranquility of your family. In addition to the traditional hereditary tools such as general powers of attorney, wills or legacies, the legal system in Panama offers multiple forms for the protection and transfer of equity, and in a private way, during the client’s life, or to have effects on their death. All the above added to a plan protecting your assets against garnishment or precautionary measures.

We can guide you properly with your equity planning, the conservation of it, as well as the correct private transfer to your beneficiaries.


If you are in a purchase and sale, rental, or current operation as an intermediary real estate broker, or want to develop a real estate project in Panama, we can guide you in the whole process of permits and procedures for its development, such as: writing of booking contracts for your clients, purchase and sale deeds, public deeds and taxes, among other legal needs regarding real estate in Panama.


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